1) What is the size of Polaroid? How many prints do come in the batch?

The size of each Polaroid print is around 9x11 cm. You can order from 6 prints per one batch.


2) Is the quality of my photo good enough to print it on 30x30cm and / or 50x50cm canvas?
Our website constructed to accept photos no less than 600 pixels, so the quality of your photos are always enough to print it and get final result exactly as you see it in your Instagram. However, you should not forget that initially ​low quality made pictures (for example, made ​​without sufficient light) would be the same when printed. In any case, if we have doubts about the final result due to low quality of the photo, we will contact you to discuss all options available.


3) Can I print photos on Canvas larger than 50x50cm?

You can send photos of a higher quality, which is usually stored directly on your phone, to our email and we will get in touch with you after we consider possible printing options of larger format.


4) Can I order non-sqaured size of instagram photo?
We do respect instagram style. Instagram initially makes square photos, so we can not make non-squared formats due to our own conceptual commitment. Non-squared format will also lead to the result when part of the photo is cut out which may negatively affect your Instagrm photo.


5) Is it possible to wrap the image over the frame on Canvas print?
We try to transmit the mood and style of the instagram, so we make a black or white border, depending on the color of the frame that was used by the author of the photo. Besides of that, instagram photo loses its original style, if image is wrapped.


6) Can we order different size for Poster and quantity of photos it contains?

Yes, sure. Please contact us at like@printogram.me and we will get back to you with plenty of options available.


7) Can I order different frame color, background for my Poster?

For frames, it depends on availability of the color and molding you would like to get. However, we promise to make everything possible to arrange it for you. For the background of Poster, we can easily make alternative color. 



Happy customer


8) I've got damaged piece upon arrival. What do i do?

Eventhough we try to make the shipping process as safe as possible, sometimes things might happen. In this case, please take picture of damage and send it to us by email with short description and we will get back to you.


9) If I am not satisfied with the product I received, can I request a refund?

We are trying to do our best to avoid this kind of situation. However let us reprint your order if something is wrong. Please contact us at like@printogram.me.  If you would absolutely like to make refund, please email us at the same email address.


10) I have question that is not listed here. How can I get consultation?

You can email at like@printogram.me or get in touch with us by Facebook or twitter and we will get back to you shortly.





11) What are the delivery options?



12) Which countries do you deliver to?



13) I need to get my order by a certain date. Would you be able to deliver it on requested day?

Delivery time depends on your location, while we are taking1-2 business days for production and dispatching your order. Please indicate a date you need to get your piece at when placing an order in “Comments” box or email us at like@printogram.me and we will check delivery time for you.


14) Who do you ship with?



15) I have placed an order, but found that i need to change delivery address. What do i do?

In this case, please contact us at like@printogram.me ASAP.



Ordering and Billing


16) I have placed an order but then decided to change photos or cancel my order. What do i do? 

Contact us at like@printogram.me ASAP, so we can cancel your order and start refund process. Please be infromed that it can take up to several days or weeks for refund process depending on your credit card issuer. 




17) Do you offer discounts for photographers, designers and artists?

Yes, we love printing great works and participate in your art creating process. Email us at like@printogram.me


18) Do you offer discounts for corporate clients and big offices?

Absolutely. We would be more than happy to assist you. Get in touch with us at like@printogram.me


19) I have a business proposal for you. Can we discuss more on this?

Printogram.me is always open for new proposals and business partnerships. Please email us at like@printogram.me with detailed explanation of your proposal.



Care and use


20) Do I need some kind of frame or mounting instructions I need to follow for Canvas and  Poster when hanging it?
We are proponents of ready-to-use solutions for our customers. We print all our Canvases and then stretch it on wooden frames with wire at the backside, which allow you to use it in the interior straightaway. Our Posters come with frame and same type wire at the backside. In both cases, no additional frames are required.


21) Can i use Canvas or Poster outside and in humid area?

We would suggest to avoid hanging your piece outside and in humid area.


22) How can i use my Polaroids?

When our team was in the process of Polaroid prints development, we wanted to leave a space for creativeness to our customers, so you can use it in many different ways. However, here are some advices how you can use your Polaroids.

- You can use self-adhesive magnet we put in each pack of Polaroids by putting it on the backside of the print. Now, you can hang your Polaroids to metal surface.

- You can use your Polaroids with cork board and pushpin. Create your unique board of different thematics. 

- You can use your Polaroid as a good tool to express your feelings. For example by signing your wish to beloved one at the bottom part of the print that we specailly left for your self-expression! 


23) What kind of nails should I use to hang my Canvas and Poster?

Printogram.me already cared about this issue! We put 2 nails in each Canvas and Poster order, one for Plasterboard wall and one for concrete wall. 

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